5 reasons why Deck Polanco is a unique project

24 de May, 2019

People are tired of long distances and living in closed spaces. And to those problems we will give only one solution.

The time has come to live in a fresh, natural and open environment that allows you to have a comfortable and exclusive life without having to travel long distances. Yes, it is possible and you can have it in 2020.

Here are the 5 advantages that make Deck Polanco a unique project!


  • The Potential of the Environment

Deck Polanco is a high-level project that seeks to exploit the cosmopolitan life of Polanco. This means that in addition to being able to enjoy the benefits of having the best offer of restaurants, shops, entertainment centers and schools nearby, you can do so by living in an exclusive development.


  • The project´s exclusivity

Low density condos are ideal for those who want to enjoy a good location and modern amenities that are only for residents, without sacrificing the privacy and intimacy of a home. Deck Polanco has only 8 available models distributed in 4 levels.


  • Unique Design


Our apartments have an excellent distribution with wide spaces and have sliding doors and walls that allow the total transformation of the living area into a terrace. In addition, they are complemented by extensive terraces and private gardens so that you are always in contact with the outside.


  • Integrated Amenities

In Deck Polanco you will enjoy modern spaces integrated with the environment. You can relax in the Zen Garden, celebrate with your loved ones in the Multipurpose Room, and receive personalized attention from the Concierge Service.


  • Tranquility

Polanco is a comfortable area to go for a walk, have pets and live comfortably as a family. This is especially enhanced in Edgar Allan Poe, the street where our development is located, which is characterized by being an extremely quiet place.

And ready! Each reason we list is a distinctive of the project that makes it the best in the area. And even it already is!

Decide to live as you always imagined without leaving the city! Leave us your information if
you want to know the financing plans.

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