Benefits of open spaces in your apartment

14 de August, 2019

Enjoying open spaces in the city is possible with Deck Polanco. Here is a few reasonshow.

Freedom between inside and outside
The apartments include internal spaces with the exterior generating a pleasant and fresh visual field. In addition to living enjoyable experiences you can benefit from natural ventilation, such as sunsets and sunrises.

Natural light to activate you
Nowadays we spend so much time in front of the screens, that the excess of artificial light can damage our skin, vision and even our cognitive capacity. A home full of natural light benefits you greatly because it wakes you up and connects you with reality. Having natural lighting, will help you have fresher ideas.

Memorable experiences
On the terrace of your apartment you can organize unforgettable evenings under the moonlight or, spend the afternoon reading a book. Also, you can enjoy the Roof Garden, where you can have a private reunion or simply share a weekend with the family.

Greater peace of mind
It is proven that open spaces give more peace, especially when you live in a quiet area. You can hire a gardener to decorate your terrace and garden in the way you like best. Observing nature around you and breathing fresh air will increase your physical and emotional health.

Spaces for meditation
If you are a person who loves yoga, a spacious terrace will be very useful. In it you can install your own Zen Garden and practice everything you want. In addition, you can share these spaces with your friends or family.

Acquire one of our 8 unique and exclusive apartments at Deck Polanco. We are in located in an ideal neighborhood and our spaces are designed so that the entire interior becomes exterior. Each apartment has a private lighting and ventilation cube, as well as sliding windows and walls that allow the transformation of the living room into a big terrace.

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