Organize the most sophisticated event in Polanco

05 de August, 2019

In this new stage of your life, you have decided to focus on the elementary and enjoy what really matters, this means that you want to provide yourself and your loved ones, with a warm and quiet space to rest. Buying an apartment in a quiet and safe area is one of the smartest decisions you can choose. However, you also want to share your happiness with your Friends and family, which is why you´ll need a residence that offers you a special place to celebrate your events. Here we tell you how you can achieve it.

Multi-purpose Room
The first thing you must ensure is the reservation of the place of your event. Deck Polanco includes a Multipurpose Room. You will no longer have to worry about searching for an ideal place. You can plan your reunion in the comfort of your home and your guests can enjoy the exclusivity of the building.

Concierge service is usually offered in the most luxurious hotels of tourist destinations, however, when one of the amenities offered by the building of your apartment includes it, rest assured that this person will help you organize anything you need. The Concierge will help you choose the waiter service, hire the chef, coordinate the flowers to decorate that special night and review any other service you need for yourself or your guests. Amazing, right?

Concierge´s Den
If you don’t want to worry about the basic details of your reunion, the Concierge’s Den service is ideal because it offers you a place with items such as tables and chairs, specialized kitchen items, coolers, coffee makers, etc. And you can approach the Concierge to provide them, he can check that everything works properly so that your reunion is worthy for your guests.

Choose a Theme for Your
With the help of a friendly and qualified staff in the organization of events, you can offer your guests one of the most sophisticated and fun experiences of Polanco. You´ll be able to choose the theme of your reunion, from the music, to the menu you will offer. The Concierge will be able to coordinate this and more, while you take care of other details.

Offer one of the most luxurious meetings in the Multipurpose Room or on your terrace at Deck Polanco. We have the Concierge and Concierge’s Den service for the comfort of each of the owners of our 8 departments. In addition, you will have at your disposal 4 independent parking lots and a warehouse with 40 sqm of space. Luxury and exclusivity are in Deck.

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