Polanco is Bike Friendly

10 de October, 2019

The bicycle is increasingly used as a means of transport in Mexico City and in other cities of the country, as it impacts positively on a personal and social level. The time lost in traffic is never recovered, so this vehicle makes life easier: it does not pollute, it is compact, and you can travel long distances as long as you have the physical condition. The important thing is to know where is best to travel safely and freely.

If you plan to move to Mexico City, you will be interested to know which areas have best roads for cyclists. It is perhaps not a well-known term, but "bike friendly" are the counties with optimal conditions for riding a bike. In them, you can move freely to places you want. These are a few neighborhoods best to ride bikes:



This county is recognized because it hosts an artistic and bohemian community that likes to move on foot or by bicycle, therefore it has the largest number of Ecobicis cycle stations. In every corner you will find one and you can use it with the greatest comfort! It has approximately 33 cycle stations to make it easier for its inhabitants to travel around them by bike.



One of the areas with greater value is Polanco: it has one of the most prestigious avenues in Latin America. It has excellent conditions for cyclists and people ride their bike to all time. In addition, it offers an exclusive lane for those who like to pedal and move to all the famous places in Polanco: museums, galleries, restaurants, shopping centers.


Chapultepec Forest

This park is one of the largest in the world, its gardens and bike paths enrich your experience to the fullest. There is nothing like pedaling among nature and filling your lungs with oxygen! If you are looking to move to Polanco, you will have the privilege of moving quickly to Chapultepec Forest but also to other parks such as Lincoln Park.


To live in Deck Polanco is to live in one of the most famous areas of the Mexico City, our project is unique because it is designed so that its interior areas become exterior. In addition, we will provide you with electric bicycles for your comfortable travel. Or, you will be entitled to 4 large and independent parking spaces. We are in 205 Edgar Allan Poe St., Polanco III Section, Miguel Hidalgo County. Contact us to inform you of our payment plans: T. +52 55 7828 0118/55 7520 9193


Source: El Financiero

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